You can find 5 exceptional courses near our campsite. You can get a “Pass” to show up at all of them.

Here are the different courses:

  • BIARRITZ: Golf de Biarritz Le Phare
  • BIDART: Golf d'Ilbarritz
  • ANGLET: Golf d'Anglet Chiberta
  • ARCANGUES: Golf d'Arcangues
  • BASSUSSARRY: Makila Golf Club

Basque pelota

Come and discover the typical sport of the Basque country, the Basque game of Pelota: the most common practices are bare-hand Pelota (basic game without equipment) and the Grand Chistera played with a wicker glove against a wall.
You will be able to attend spectacular contests in outside frontons or indoor trinquets.


Here playing rugby is cultural. This sport is very popular in this area.


Beaches and waves of the Basque coast are one the most famous locations in the world of surfing.
Here you can find surf schools for everyone, just to have fun in the ocean!
Get special tariffs with our partner: Biarritz Paradise Surf School