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Take advantage of your camping stay in Biarritz to discover the many facets of this elegant seaside resort in the heart of the Basque Coast in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. Famous for its large fine sandy beaches, its famous cliffs and surf spots, its amazing architectural heritage, its culture and its gastronomy, Biarritz is the first tourist destination in the Basque Country! So how could you imagine a more beautiful place to spend a wonderful camping holiday on the Basque Coast?

Biarritz for beach lovers

If it is the beaches that attract you to camping in Biarritz, you will be spoilt for choice! With 4 km of fine sandy beaches and coves at the foot of the cliffs, the Basque resort is particularly well endowed. And to swim, there is no need to go far since our campsite is located 500 metres from the beaches of Ilbarritz and La Milady. At the foot of the casino, Grande Plage is one of the most beautiful beaches in Biarritz: fine sand, colourful tents, beach clubs, surf schools and a beautiful view of the Biarritz lighthouse. A real postcard decor!
To the south, Marbella Beach offers a wilder setting that is particularly popular with surfers and bodyboarders.
If you prefer small beaches, the campsite recommends the one in Port-Vieux. In the shape of a horseshoe, it is protected from excessively large waves and protected from the wind. Perfect for toddlers!
Finally, the mythical beach of the Côte des Basques is the favourite spot for ski enthusiasts who have come to challenge the waves of the Atlantic. Located in the city centre, it is regularly ranked among the most beautiful beaches in France and considered as the cradle of surfing in Europe!

Biarritz, cradle of European surfing

For all aficionados, Biarritz is the surf capital of France and Europe, known throughout the world for its powerful waves and renowned surf schools. The reason for the success was a group of Californian surfers who came to the Basque Coast in the 1960s. The first surf club in France was founded in Biarritz in 1959. This is Waïkiki Surf-Club. A year later, the Grande Plage hosted the first international surfing competition! Since then, surfing in Biarritz has become more and more popular with no less than 5 reference spots and nearly 20 schools. Ideal to learn how to surf during your camping stay!

Biarritz for the gourmands

Camping holidays in the Basque Country are very often an incentive to "eat well" and the Biarritz Halls are a perfect example of this! Basque gastronomy and Iberian specialities share the stalls: Bayonne ham, foie gras, piperade, Basque cake, chocolate, macaroon, Espelette pepper, but also fish and seafood directly from the Saint-Jean-de-Luz auction. Are you still hungry? It's a good thing, the Halles district is full of terraces, bars and restaurants. Tapas on every floor and sunshine on the plates!

A historic seaside resort: villas, castles and small fishing huts

In the middle of the 19th century, it was the fashion for sea baths. Biarritz became THE seaside resort for the royal families and the European elite, so much so that it was nicknamed "the queen of beaches and the beach of kings". Empress Eugénie, Napoleon III's wife, made it her favourite holiday destination. As a testimony, the villa Eugénie built in 1855, which a few years later would become the Hôtel du Palais, the only Palace on the Atlantic coast! Since then, Biarritz continues to attract celebrities from all over the world such as Sarah Bernhardt, Coco Chanel, Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, Ernest Hemingway, Frank Sinatra, Pablo Picasso...
Sumptuous villas bloom on the waterfront, mixing genres and periods, from the most classic to the most fanciful. A real pleasure for architecture enthusiasts who will not fail to discover the Art Deco style of the Casino de Biarritz, the extravagant castles of Gramont and Boulart or the Villa Belza and its neo-Middle Age look.
To find more simplicity, you will have to head for the Fishermen's Port where the crampottes, these old huts with their colourful shutters, remind you of the great hours of whaling in Biarritz. Charm and authenticity to be enjoyed!

A holiday in the museums of Biarritz!

Take advantage of your camping trip in the Basque Country to visit the museums of Biarritz. In rainy weather, this is a great idea for a fallback!
The historical museum invites you to discover the Basque city in all its aspects, from the small fishing village that it was originally to the upscale resort that it became in the 19th century. Exciting!
If you are camping in Biarritz with children, take them to the Aquarium to get to know sea turtles, sharks and baby seals. Continue the trip to the Cité de l'Océan (300 metres from the campsite) to live an original and interactive experience around the themes of surfing and the ocean. You can even surf without getting wet thanks to Virtual Surfing!
Are you passionate about oriental culture? Take a look at the Asiatica Museum, which presents beautiful collections from China, India, Tibet and Nepal. As for the more sporty ones, they will push the doors of the Historical Museum of Olympic Biarritz dedicated to professional rugby from 1998 to the present day.

The Rock of the Virgin Mary, the emblem of Biarritz

A natural curiosity in the shape of a long ship's hull, the rock of the Virgin Mary does not go unnoticed. It owes its name to the statue of the Virgin Mary that was placed at the top in 1865. It was once used as a whale watching spot, then Napoleon III had the rock dug to create a refuge port. In 1887, the wooden bridge linking it to the mainland was replaced by a metal footbridge, a work by Gustave Eiffel, which today offers a magnificent view of the large beach and the bay of Biarritz.

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