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Urrugne, the life-size Basque coast

20 km from the Biarritz campsite, Urrugne is a small village in the Basque Country at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains that seduces by the authenticity of its landscapes, its preserved nature and its legendary gentle lifestyle.

In total immersion in Basque culture and traditions

At the entrance to the village stands the Castle of Urtubie, built in 1314. King Louis XI stayed there, then Louis XIV when he married the infanta Maria Theresa of Austria in Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Later, during the Napoleonic Wars, the castle was visited by Marshal de Soult and the Duke of Wellington, the future winner of Waterloo.
In the heart of the village, you can discover the charming Basque houses - "les Etxea" - with whitewashed walls and red, green or blue woodwork. If you have chosen to camp in Urrugne during the summer, you will have the chance to attend a game of Basque pelota on the pediment or a dance and singing show in the village square every Tuesday in July and August.
Continue the walk towards the Church of Saint Vincent built in the 16th century in the Spanish Renaissance style. If you are an observer, you will notice the presence of musket loopholes at the top of the foothills. On the façade, the solar frame bears the following Latin motto: "Vulnerant omnes, ultima necat" which means "every hour hurts us, the last one kills us". In any case, do not be in too much of a hurry and take the time to climb to the top of the hill where the chapel of Socorri stands. A major pilgrimage site in the Basque Country, it houses a small cemetery dotted with discoidal stelae, real sights of the Basque Country.


Walks and hikes in Urrugne

Take advantage of your camping stay in Urrugne to freely enjoy hiking on the smugglers' trails or on the Basque Corniche, a rocky coast classified as a remarkable site overlooking the Atlantic Ocean as far as Hendaye. A must have!
While staying in the area, reach the Col d'Ibardin, the first summit of the Pyrenees on the French side, then take the path that leads to Lake Xoldokogaina, an artificial lake coiled in the middle of the forest and the mountains of Ibardin.
From the Olhette chapel, discover the undergrowth of the Insola Valley by following the old Roman road that leads to the isolated ventas of Insola and Zahar, on the other side of the border.
With the family, the Mont du Calvaire hike is not difficult, even with children. After 30 minutes of walking, you are at the foot of a small chapel lost on the heights. In front of you, a 360° view of the coast and the Basque mountains. Magic! Magic!
Are you a hiking enthusiast?
Discover the GR10 through the mountains of Urrugne to reach the village of Ascain or follow the coastal path along the cliffs of the Corniche basque to the large beach of Hendaye. In both cases, the escape is at the end of the road!

The favorite of the campsite

Don't miss the Bixintxo celebrations that traditionally take place at the end of August, beginning of September. On the program of these 5 days of celebration: pedestrian bullfight, Basque pelota, fandango competition, fuego toro, bandas, mutxiko and fireworks....


This is an immense games park for children set up in a wonderful botanic garden in the fantasy Wow-Park forest in Urrugne.

Open from 4th April to 1rst November 2020
Admission: free for children under 2 / €8 for ages 2 to 4 / €15 for ages 5 to 64 / €8 for ages 65 to 102 (2019 prices )

11 chemin du Bittola - 64122 URRUGNE


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