camping avec jacuzzi au Pays Basque

ANCV campsite Basque Country

If you want to spend your vacations in Biarritz, the ideal place to stay is a campsite in the Basque Country! And it's even better to be able to enjoy a low-cost campsite in Biarritz! That's why our Biarritz campsite is an ANCV-accredited campsite!

What is ANCV?

The ANCV (or Agence Nationale pour les Chèques-Vacances) is an organization which, as its name suggests, aims to help employees go on vacation. By encouraging the use of Chèques-Vacances, the ANCV helps workers and their families to go on vacation by providing a means of distributing income and building up a dedicated vacation budget. In this way, it helps to make vacations more accessible to all.

camping ancv

How do I use my ANCV voucher?

Thanks to your ANCV vacation vouchers, you can pay for many things during your vacation: your mobile home in the Basque Country, your catering, and many other activities!

Paying with your vacation vouchers at our ANCV voucher-accepting campsite will enable you to enjoy your vacation at a lower cost, whether you come alone, with your family, or with friends!

Why book at our ANCV campsite in the Basque Country?

By booking at our campsite accepting vacation vouchers, you can be sure of a comfortable vacation! You'll be able to take advantage of all the top-of-the-range services offered by our campsite, such as our superb aquatic area and our wellness area!

All this in the heart of the Basque Country, a stone's throw from the beaches and close to the towns and villages for which the region is famous!

Enjoy low-cost vacations thanks to ANCV

By booking a mobile home or a camping or motorhome pitch with your vacation vouchers, you can enjoy a camping vacation at a low price! You can also take advantage of reduced prices depending on the season in which you book your accommodation, as high-season prices are higher than off-season prices.

And then there are the special offers on offer at our seaside campsites in the Basque Country, which can apply to a range of accommodation types! So stay tuned and follow us on the various social networks!"

What other advantages does ANCV offer?

Thanks to vacation vouchers, you can enjoy a wide range of activities around the campsite!

For culture buffs, many museums in the Basque country accept AVCV vouchers. The Biarritz Aquarium, for example, is home to many of the world's aquatic species!

You can also try the local gastronomy, as many restaurants in the Basque Country accept vacation vouchers as payment.


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