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Espelette, a "red Basque" village at the foot of the mountains

To spice up your holidays in the Basque Country, direction Espelette, 30 minutes from the campsite! In this small village of some 2000 souls, discover a medieval castle, one of the most beautiful churches in the Basque Country, picturesque labourdine houses with colourful facades, and pottoks, the small Basque horses that inhabit the hills of the Labourd hinterland. A change of scenery guaranteed!

The underside of the little one of Espelette

To immerse yourself in the heritage, simply stroll through the streets of Espelette to discover the houses with their colourful facades where, at the end of summer, the glowing peppers that make the village's reputation dry. If you pay attention, you will notice a house decorated with a stone plaque on which a panda appears. This is the birthplace of Armand David, an eminent zoologist and botanist born in Espelette, who discovered the first giant panda in China in 1869.

Away from the village, you can discover the former castle of the Barons of Ezpeleta, one of the few medieval castles in the Basque Country still in "activity" since it has become the centre of administrative, cultural and social life in Espelette. A little further on stands the Saint-Étienne church and its 17th century belfry-donjon. Inside, the gilding and polychromy on wood, as well as a baroque altarpiece with twisted columns, attract the eye, while outside, the typical discoidal stelae of the Basque Country arouse the visitor's curiosity.

piment d'Espelette

Walks and hikes in the Basque mountains

When camping in the Basque Country, hiking is often part of the holiday season. Whether you are looking for an easy family walk, an experienced hiker, a mountain bike enthusiast or a mountain trail enthusiast, Espelette is no exception.
With the children, discover the family hike "Itzulia Ttikia" (6.5 km) through the village, the countryside and the forest. The most sporty can climb the Mondarrain peak (750 m) or venture into the Artzamendi massif where the emblematic wild ponies of the Basque Country, known as pottoks, live.

The famous Espelette chilli pepper

After a hike in the mountains, there is nothing better than a small gourmet stopover in one of the many restaurants in the village. On the menu? Axoa de veau, Basque piperade with ham, suckling lamb, Basque cream cake, not to mention the famous Espelette chilli pepper, which accompanies most Basque dishes, as a puree, jelly or powder for sauces and marinades.
It is found throughout the village. In the plates of course, but also suspended in ropes on the facades and balconies of houses, on the beams of cafés and restaurants where it dries patiently.
You think you've tasted everything? Let yourself be surprised by a traditional dark chocolate... with Espelette chilli pepper. To consume without moderation! Not to be missed: the Espelette chilli pepper festival, which takes place every year on the last weekend of October.

The Pepper Workshop:

Elizaldeko Bidea - 64250 ESPELETTE
05 59 93 90 21

*Children's discovery visit:
From mid-May to mid-November, a discovery visit to our fields with a fun quiz, showing children how Espelette pepper is made. The quiz is then corrected and the children get to taste our products.

If it rains and/or outside this period, a video with a presentation shows the different stages in producing Espelette pepper. It is followed by a product tasting.

Period: all through the year
Duration: 1 hour
Admission free
From 10 people to 30 people maximum



*Adults discovery visit:
We welcome groups for guided visits to the farming and production area. Introduction to the history of Espelette pepper and the different production stages. Then a tasting of our spicy products and other specialities of the region to delight the taste buds. Espelette pepper will have no secrets for you!

Period: all through the year
Duration: 1 hour
Admission free
From 10 people, maximum 200

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